Open PPTX File

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Open PPTX File

You can open PPTX file using Microsoft PowerPoint application. Microsoft PowerPoint is an application which facilitates creation of presentation slides starting from the design idea to the actual presentation sequence.

Microsoft PowerPoint application is part of Microsoft Office and is available both for Windows and Mac operating systems. Originally Microsoft PowerPoint was developed by Forethought, Inc. which was acquired by Microsoft in 1987. It became a part of Microsoft Office software suite in 1993. Currently Microsoft PowerPoint holds a majority market share in business presentations software market.

Besides Microsoft Office you can open PPTX file using OpenOffice, LibreOffice and several other applications. You can also open PPTX files on iOS and Android mobile platforms using free Microsoft Office apps.

PPTX files can contain various types of information including but not limited to text, images, charts, animations, embedded objects. Each PPTX file contains multiple slides which together make up a presentation. Besides slides PPTX file stores information about slides transition order, transition animations and effects.

Prior to PPTX Microsoft used PPT file format to store Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. To open PPT file you can either use Microsoft PowerPoint or if you don’t have it installed you can use free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer application. While PPTX stores information in Office Open XML format, PPT is a binary file format. It is possible to convert PPT to PPTX and vice versa using Microsoft PowerPoint or other office packages like LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

Google Documents is an online application that can open and import PPT and PPTX files into its internal Google Documents format. To import you just need to open Google Slides web application and then open or create a slideshow. After that choose File->Import from the menu at the top. Select PPTX or PPT file you want to import and then select an import option. Your file is ready to use in Google Slides.