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Open File with Unknown Extension

If you have a file with an extension that you don’t know it is a good idea to first start with finding out what this extension is used for. Having this information may make opening the file much easier. Also, it may prevent some dangers since files with certain file extensions may contain viruses inside them. It is a good idea to first search the internet for a file extension and see what kind of data is stored in files with it.

If there is still not enough information about the file you can try looking inside the file to find out if you can infer the application which can be used to open it by looking into file contents. A good tools to start would be UltraEdit or Sublime Text. Both of these tools are source code editors which also allow opening any files in text and hex modes. It would be worth a try to download any of these tools and open an unknown file with them. You may find that the file in question contains textual information which could be interpreted and help find an application which can open the file. Frequently file could have an incorrect extension and it may prevent operating system from opening it. But looking inside the file in a hex or text mode may give you a hint on what extension it should have. For example, PNG image file will have a “PNG” at the beginning of the file. Files in JPEG will also have “JPEG” text at the start of the file. You need to be very careful if you see an “MZ” at the beginning of the file. It means that the file is executable and may have a virus inside. It is not recommended to launch a file like that without precise knowledge what is it for and where it came from.

Sometimes a file may contain two or more file extensions which may also prevent an operating system from opening it. For example a file with file extension “.txt.bak” will not open. But if you remove a “.bak” from the file extension it will open as a text file.